About Us



Global Wellness Group (GWG) owns and manages 7 established health, beauty and wellness brands in Singapore. The brands include Body Contour Premier, Passage New York, Physiomed, Hair Inc. New York, Sole Relax and Uber-Aesthetic Clinic.

A leader in the industry, we are almost unparalleled in terms of sales revenue and capacity, projecting a double-digit growth year-on-year. With 11 locations in Singapore, our retail space spans over 50,000 square feet, with over a quarter million members distributed over 6 trusted brands.


Our business model is based on 7 business segments generating multiple income streams. This strategy of developing and managing complementary product offerings enables us to enjoy important synergistic effects and significant economies of scale, translating to high quality products and treatments, priced competitively for the benefit of our customers.

7 Business Segments

Slimming & Wellness: Incepted in 1997, Body Contour Premier has become one of the most recognized names in Singapore with 4 premium outlets. One of the largest slimming and wellness providers in the country, we offer a comprehensive range of services which include slimming and weight-loss therapies, facial treatments, therapeutic massages and revitalising spa sessions.

Spas: The luxury spa and lifestyle brand with a reputation for providing the best in women’s lifestyle needs, Passage New York was established in 2000 to cater to the cosmopolitan women who want only the finer things in life. Centrally located in the heart of the city, it is one of the most luxurious ladies-only spas in Singapore.

Medical Aesthetics: Wanting to offer a holistic array of beauty treatments for our customers, we establish Uber-Aesthetic Clinic in 2005 to meet their growing needs. The clinic specialises in providing the latest non-invasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body.

Chiropractic Care: Physiomed, our health and wellness arm, is a premier holistic health treatment provider which offers health-care solutions based on Chiropractic Practices and Physical Therapy. Our comprehensive series of Care Programmes are administered by a dedicated and professional Chiropractic team, helping patients reach their optimal health.

Hair & Scalp Care: Hair Inc. New York, formerly known as Hair Sciences,is a revolutionary hair and scalp care centre that effectively treats all hair and scalp conditions with the latest trichology technology. A leading hair and scalp care centre, we ensure our clients receive optimal satisfaction with our finest hair products and treatments.

Foot Care : At Sole Relax, we believe in taking care of our customers from head to toe. Inspired by Asian traditions which date back centuries, our sanctuary offers a holistic range of specialty foot and massage therapies which go beyond curative purposes to reconcile the mind and body.


GWH is part of the billon-dollar Mayar Group, one of India’s biggest multi-national and widely diversified conglomerates, with business interests in resorts, timber, paper, sugar mills, international trading, hospitality, biotech, shipping and infrastructure; spread across Asia & Europe. With such strong financial backing from The Mayar Group and the ability to learn from the best practices of our sister companies, GWH is poised to grow and break new frontiers.