At Sole Relax, we believe relaxed soles are the key to the ultimate healing of the mind and body, the groundwork for good health and living. Inspired by Asian traditions which date back centuries, our sanctuary offers a holistic range of specialty therapies which go beyond curative purposes to reconcile the mind and body.

These include invigorating foot reflexology therapies which stimulate specific meridian points to release stress build-up stored in the nerve centre; to uplifting body massages which works on the acupressure points along the spinal column to release stagnant energy for an improved flow of chi to the vital organs.

From the moment you walk through the door, take in the sweet aroma of therapeutic essential oils to induce a sense of calmness as it prepares you for your treatment ahead. Take your pick from our range of therapies which include signature treatments like the Sole Booster Therapy and the Meridian 3-in-1 Massage. Regain balance and ground in your own space and time as your journey begins at Sole Relax.

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